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Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman
Not brainwashed by Poison Ivy this time, just a simple manip of her with the tiara because I wanted to see what it would look like. I still think she would've been a perfect Wonder Woman over Gal Gadot. 
Batgirl Mind Controlled #7

After being overwhelmed by Poison Ivy’s thugs outside A.C.E Chemicals, Batman was forced to leave Barbara behind, promising her that he would come back. Little did he know, Ivy had purposefully orchestrated his retreat, and would get to her first. After hours of slowly seducing the young heroine with special pheromones, and convincing her that Batman had left her to die, Barbara completely succumbed to Ivy’s influence over her. Batgirl was now the first of Ivy’s slaves, and the first of many brainwashed heroines and villainesses to come.

 I’d have to say this is easily my best addition to this series yet, I’m pretty fond of this mania’s outcome.

Candice Mind Controlled #32
After being completely brainwashed, and forgetting everything she once knew, Candice Swanepoel has become entirely obedient to the one responsible and has outfitted herself for the holidays per her master's request.
Catwoman Mind Controlled #11 - Gotham Bank Job

“Alright and now back to you Vicki.” the news reporter said, finishing his segment.

“Thanks Mike, after the sudden disappearances of various female vigilantes, we now have confirmation that two of which have reemerged at a crime scene last night. Convicted felon known as Catwoman and the homicidal psychopath Harley Quinn were seen robbing the Gotham National Bank at around eight o’clock, and according to the GCPD, the two women deployed green gases before fleeing the scene. Many are speculating that they have joined forces with eco-terrorist Poison Ivy, based on this image taken by a witness from the rooftop across street; we can clearly see Catwoman sporting a green tactical suit. Eye-witnesses even stated that their eyes seemed to glow in bright green.” Vicki Vale was leading the news report for the Gotham Gazette that morning, and this was their top story.

“Following this biological attack, the hostages were safely escorted back to their homes, but began to display bizarre and abnormal behavior this morning as they gathered in front of the GCPD Headquarters in a violent protest shouting “Make Gotham Green!” and quickly began assaulting police officers at the scene. Those involved were detained and are currently being placed under quarantine, until authorities can figure out just what exactly it was the two women responsible exposed them to. We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops.” Vicki said, concluding her story.


Selina and Harley both returned to Ivy’s secret facility underneath A.C.E Chemicals, their green high-heels clicking as they walked.

“It is done?” Ivy asked, hoping her new pheromones worked on the people in the bank. 

“Yes mistress Ivy, exactly as you planned.” Selina replied mindlessly, but slightly seductive.

Just a short one, I had this idea when I was skimming through some set photos from The Dark Knight Rises. I do have a Hydra story that I plan on posting eventually too :)



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If you possessed the technology to completely alter the minds of anyone, who would you change?

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