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Jessica Jones Mind Controlled

At the height of her heroic career as Jewel, Jessica Jones makes the mistake of intervening with the Purple Man’s criminal affairs, and as a result he places her under mind control and continues to brainwash her for eight months. 

During this time, she would remain entirely obedient to him and his commands.

Huntress Mind Controlled #1
Determined to cleanse Gotham City of pollution towards mother nature, Poison Ivy has utilized highly advanced pheromones in order to completely brainwash Helena Bertinelli into joining her notion.
Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman
Not brainwashed by Poison Ivy this time, just a simple manip of her with the tiara because I wanted to see what it would look like. I still think she would've been a perfect Wonder Woman over Gal Gadot. 
Batgirl Mind Controlled #7

After being overwhelmed by Poison Ivy’s thugs outside A.C.E Chemicals, Batman was forced to leave Barbara behind, promising her that he would come back. Little did he know, Ivy had purposefully orchestrated his retreat, and would get to her first. After hours of slowly seducing the young heroine with special pheromones, and convincing her that Batman had left her to die, Barbara completely succumbed to Ivy’s influence over her. Batgirl was now the first of Ivy’s slaves, and the first of many brainwashed heroines and villainesses to come.

 I’d have to say this is easily my best addition to this series yet, I’m pretty fond of this mania’s outcome.

Candice Mind Controlled #32
After being completely brainwashed, and forgetting everything she once knew, Candice Swanepoel has become entirely obedient to the one responsible and has outfitted herself for the holidays per her master's request.


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If you possessed the technology to completely alter the minds of anyone, who would you change?

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